Community Supported Ag Shares for the 2008 season


I am only doing a couple CSA memberships this year, and I’ve already got one member signed up.

I’ve had a couple people ask me if I am “giving it up,” and I’ve also had a few people act like I am letting them down.

Let me tell you that a small business like this one has to remain flexible to remain viable. My plan this year is to only sell as many memberships as it will take to get this year’s gardens off the ground, which is about two or three. That way, I am bringing more produce out to the Vermillion Area Farmers Market–out where people can see it. I am also trying to be more responsive to the needs of local restaurants–scouting their menus and talking to their owners about what I can grow for them.

I’ve found that when most all my weekly produce goes into shares that are paid for at the beginning of the season, I get a little worn down late in the season by all of the work I’m doing to fill those shares. I’d rather think of the couple families I do deliver to as the farm’s capital supporters–those that supported me early on–even when there were no veggies in sight for months. Those are the people who make it possible for me to get the early seed orders out, the people who encourage me to keep going in the dark months.


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