Seeds of Hope


Today we heard that despite a two-to-one majority of speakers opposed to the rezoning of a few thousand acres of prime agricultural land in Union County for a proposed oil refinery, the planning and zoning commissioners voted four to one to go ahead with it anyway–right before midnight after a five hour long public input session. It made me feel a little deflated, knowing that even with all of the voices lifted up in protest, those who are supposed to represent us have let us down. I want to believe I still live in a democracy; I want to believe that elected officials, at least on the local level, must listen to the voices of their neighbors.

So, this afternoon, a friend of mine and I got together over a pot of tea to hash it out–share our disappointments, and then start looking through the seed catalogs. We’re going to share the garden space this year–share the work of sowing and weeding and harvest and preservation. It was an immensely hopeful thing to do after what was a huge let-down.

As we finished our tea and she headed back to the main gallery, I thought about how much I have wanted a little more of this kind of community–the help and sharing and making things good and growing. I’ll continue to fight against this degradation of our land and resources, continue to spread the word that the people and the land are interconnected and inseparable. On one level, it’s not as important that we win as it is that we start to turn people’s heads and minds away from the golden dollar signs and greed and toward a more sustainable future.


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