Lip Smakin’ Jellies

The Lip Smakin’ Jellies folks hail from the Yankton area, and they’ve graced our Vermillion Area Farmers Market for the last couple of years. They’ve amassed quite a following of customers as well as other vendors for their heady array of flavors, including the ever-popular local wild plum and chokecherry jellies.

My favorite among their selections (being more of a savory person), is their line of gourmet jellies made from herbs, spices, garlic, peppers, and horseradish (many of which use locally-sourced ingredients when available). The rosemary and habanero gold jellies are a couple of my favorite ones for making appetizer breads or crackers with mild goat cheese or extra-sharp cheddar. I just polished off a marble cheddar and thin-sliced apple grilled cheese sandwich that was made even more delicious with a layer of rosemary jelly. I’ve also used their jellies as a baste for roasted meats and vegetables with great success. I gave a few jars of their jellies as holiday gifts, and they were greatly appreciated, though now I am sadly out of horseradish jelly. Seriously folks, their jellies are so good it’s hard not to start a collection.

My Lip Smakin’ Collection

Last summer, in the midst of my yearly hot pepper glut, the Lip Smakin’ folks bought/bartered for a couple of big buckets of my heirloom Hungarian Hot Wax and made up a special batch of spicy-sweet jelly. Great marketeers that they are, each time they sampled it out, they gave a nod in my direction. That’s the local food spirit!

This time of year, if you don’t catch them at a craft fair, I believe you can find their fine products at Roadshow Antiques, 3300 West 8th Street in Yankton. Kudos!


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