Seedlings of Spring

After having filled several flats with seedling mix and letting them soak overnight, I planted the first seeds for this year’s gardens.

(18) 2-packs Italian flatleaf parsley

(3) 72-cell (6 pack) flats Heirloom Blue Solaise Leeks

(3) 72-cell (6 pack) flats Heirloom Italian red bottle onions

(2) 72-cell (6-pack) flats Copra F1 hybrid yellow storage onions

I have cut out ordering all Seminis/Monsanto hybrids, but I do not like to waste seed–this Copra seed is a couple years old.  So, I’m doing the Copra onions this year (they are excellent keepers), and I will research a better open-pollinated yellow storage variety for next year’s gardens.  Just to be clear, an F1 hybrid is a first generation “natural” cross; it is not genetically modified.

I always realize, getting ready for the new year, how many things I neglected to do at the end of last year.  Like wash out flats and bring them indoors.  I had to go out in the snow yesterday and gently pry apart some stacks of flats in order to have enough.  Then I realized I wasn’t going to have enough room on my light shelf trays for all the six-packs in their flats anyhow.   Argh.  I took them out of their flats, and filled all in the resulting, remaining gaps with parsley two-packs.

Now, where am I going to put the eggplant and peppers when I start them at the end of the month?  And the tomatoes in another couple weeks after that?  I have got to get that old greenhouse up and running!

It has begun, though–the seeds in their beds, slowly swelling with moisture until they split and reach for the light.

Spring will not be denied.


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