Personal Kudos

Though I was accused, at the last VAAC meeting, of making personal attacks in my Plain Talk letter to the editor, I have not, thusfar, mentioned any names in my castigation of the actions of some of the Board.

What I would like to do here is to publicly thank all those Board members whose help, in the past two years since the garden plan was proposed, has been invaluable to the success of the project. I believe that I have thanked all of these people personally, but I would also like to do so publicly.

Non-inclusion of a name here should not be construed as an attack or a slight–there are many more VAAC members and non-members who have contributed time, effort, and positive energy to the project.

The first big kudos goes out to Tom Reasoner, whose official title is the Chair of the Building Committee. Tom has donated a significant amount of time and effort to the garden project, from drafting a plan for the garden space, to helping mark out boundaries on the lot, to organizing the meeting in which we all laid out our hopes and dreams for the project. He has been a guiding voice, and a real pleasure to work with. He also, as “building guy” helped to set up our rainwater collection tank next to the Washington Street Arts Center, and he put it safely to bed for the winter.

Next kudos to Caitlin Collier, former VAAC Board treasurer–a woman who has done almost everything under the sun, and who helped formulate the garden plot lease contract and donated the use of her legal expertise, her truck, and her time, even with all the million other things on her plate. It’s good to have true believers on board!

Kudos too, to Amy Fill, who, in the past, has served various functions on the Board–most recently by taking over for me as Board Secretary a year ago when I left to focus more time on the garden project. Amy and I met at Mexico Viejo the year before the project started to brainstorm possibilities for inclusion of art in the plan, and she has been a continual supporter of the project both on the Board and in the community. Amy has been working on a stepping-stone project for inclusion in this year’s garden, and she is a great liaison with the art community.

Susan Heggestad, whose current position on the Board I am unsure of (she was secretary, but there’s been some switching around of positions of late), also deserves kudos for being a positive voice for the garden on the Board and in the community, and for putting up with us with us grubby garden volunteers invading the basement to wash up while her arts classes were in progress. While Susan may not have quite gotten her plot planted last year due to her many other responsibilities, the fact that she believed in the project and reserved her plot was a positive contribution.

And lastly, but not leastly, thanks to Elizabeth Abbott, also currently on the Board serving sometimes as secretary and sometimes as “member at large,” who has brought her positive attitude and her family to the gardens and brightened our work with her smiles. I also believe her plot was a model of summer squash productivity!

Thank you all for your help and support last season. I hope that you will continue to be positive voices for the garden project in the coming year.


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  1. Posted by littlegardenerontheplains on February 19, 2008 at 2:48 am

    Hey, Becca,
    I am sorry that I flamed out on the Board, but I was so offended by their whole approach. Sitting up behind a table up on a stage. Deciding who could and couldn’t speak. Just too much for democracy-loving me. Thanks for the kudos to me, but there are so many people who have done more, including you. I look forward to this summer’s Farmers Market whereever it is, and the new Community Garden, wherever it is.

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