Compact Fluorescents and Redemption

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a basket of burned-out compact fluorescent bulbs sitting in my basement.  While many of the packages claim these bulbs will last nigh-unto-forever, they don’t.  And then what do you do with them?

I’ll admit the first few that burned out I threw into the trash.  That’s because I didn’t know they contained mercury, a potent neurotoxin.  The mercury from those bulbs I tossed is now in the landfill somewhere, or in the groundwater.

So now I have a personal stash of bulbs waiting for recycling, reclamation, or a hazardous waste collection day.

The other thing I have a personal stash of is glass jars and bottles–all shapes and sizes.  Having grown up in Vermont, a land of redemption, it pains me to toss a bottle I know is worth at least five, if not ten cents.

But, I can’t really bring myself to make an extra trip to the closest redemption state to recycle or redeem them.  So, I keep their lids in case I find some crafter or art class with a use for them, and they just keep piling up, waiting for their ultimate fate, and hoping for reincarnation.


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