Planting Commences

Got my first round of spinach seeded today, and mulched the elephant garlic planted last fall with the remainder of the duck bedding left over the winter in their night shelter-box.

Generally, I think the smell of manure is a good one–it is the smell of fertility.  This stuff–not so much.  While I’m sure the garlic will love it–it was pretty rank stuff.

The gardens are pretty well set up for spring planting.  Usually this time of year I am trying to get trellises secured and running around like crazy.  I’m not saying that won’t happen–but much of my set-up from last year is going to work pretty well again for this year.

Last year’s effort in constructing more permanent beds will pay off in a lot less grunt labor early this season.  Tomorrow, I should be able to get some peas in.  We’re supposed to get a few days of rain starting tomorrow afternoon/evening, so whatever early crops can go in before that will have great conditions for germination.

Heck, I might even get a few of those purple Peruvian potatoes in!


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