As Soon as the Ground can be Worked

That’s when you plant peas–and that’s what I did today.  About 90 row feet of sugar snaps down the cattle panel trellises I constructed last year–topped with a light covering of straw mulch to keep the soil from crusting.

The earth was tender–a little more moist toward the east end of the garden that gets less sun due to the neighbor’s shelterbelt.  There were a few earthworms and sow bugs active already.

Didn’t get any of the potatoes planted yet–I spent the rest of my time out there working on clean-up projects.  Harry got the heavy duty push mower going to break down some more of last fall’s weeds, so I pulled the rest of the tomato cages out of his way.

On tap for the next round of planting–shell (English) peas, lettuce, cress, arugula, cilantro, chard, potatoes–oh, just a whole slew of stuff.  I am trying not to overdo it too much in this first week and let my body get into the swing of things gradually.

But, I do have 100 bales of straw mulch on the way–so I guess my shoulders are about due for a bale-tossing workout.

Maybe I should call my massage therapist in advance.


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