Farmers Market goes back to the Farm

Just got an e-mail about this, and realized I hadn’t posted on it yet.

Last Thursday night, the Clay County Fair Board approved the Vermillion Area Farmers Market’s request to use the grassy lot on the corner of High and Cherry Streets for this year’s farmers market.

They didn’t even want us to pay rent. Guess they realized that a) Farmers Markets are a benefit to the community, b) Farmers markets are a benefit to farmers, and c) benefiting farmers and the community is part of their mission (and ours!). Thanks, Fair Board!

The market will be switching nights to coincide with the Thursday nights downtown shindig, though we’ll not be downtown. We’ll be on the way to the grocery stores instead.

To re-cap: The Vermillion Area Farmers Market will begin its regular season on Thursday, May 15 from 3-7pm at the Clay County Fairgrounds on the corner of Cherry and High Streets. We’ll set up every Thursday from then through October 16.

We’ll even have a booth at the Fair!


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