Rainy Day, Dream Away

A soaking spring rain today, so I am stuck inside updating my garden journal and starting some seeds indoors (so as to make absolutely sure I don’t have enough room come tomato-transplant time).  Harry and I may swing down to Sioux City for our Harbor Freight and Firehouse Market fixes, respectively.

Today’s round of starts–some Five Color Silverbeet (aka rainbow chard) and broccoli (both of which I’ve direct-seeded as well).  Also, Snow Crown Cauliflower and three types of romaine lettuce: a red, a green, and a freckled.

I also trimmed up my leeks, as some were at about eight inches, and some a bit floppy.  I’m tempted to set them outside, but it’s not even a solid forty degrees, so they can snuggle inside a bit longer.  I’ll get them out, and likely into the garden, next week.

This year it seems I’m starting more of each thing I grow–more kohl crops, more head lettuces, more tomatoes, more onions and leeks.  That starts to butt me up against the already-slightly-strained boundaries of usable space I have.

But some of that constrainment is an illusion based on my not having all the beds prepped–especially in the west end of the garden, where I am peeling off mulch layers and turning that very heavy clay area into wide beds with alternating trellising.

Still, knowing that there are another 5lbs. of potatoes coming, plus a couple hundred leeks and onions and then about 100 tomato plants, and then all the greens and kohl crops and squash and what about pole beans?…and the list goes on and on until I start to feel very cramped indeed.

But, frankly, I did not use the entire space of the gardens last year–at least not at optimum capacity.  There is another approximately 600 square foot area behind the shed that will go into production this year–that will make a big difference.

Really, this cramped feeling is more a side-effect of the forced inaction due to the heavy rains and winds.  But we need those too.  And I’ve just spotted Harry pulling in to pick me up for our Sioux City adventure…


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