Cleaning Out the Freezer (and spanikopita dreams)

Jolly Green Giant

Today was about as perfect a garden day as we’re likely to have.  Mid-to upper 60s, sunny, a light breeze–none of yesterday’s banshee winds from the southwest.  So, of course I totally overdid it.

I spent the morning in the gardens, ran into town for the mail, errands (like doing the dishes I’d left in the sink), and lunch with an old friend at the Coffee Shop Gallery.  Got back out to the gardens around four and worked a couple more hours on a long permanent bed in a very clay-heavy part of the garden.

Toward the end, my left shoulder twitched HARD, and I jumped up, thinking someone was behind me, poking me in the back.  Hmm.  Nope.  It was my body telling me I’d had enough.  I’ll wait to rake and plant that one tomorrow morning.

So I clipped a little basket of nettles and soaked them in the sink while I prepped some walleye filets we got last fall from a guy who hunts Harry’s land.  Breaded them in a spicy cornmeal mixture and fried them up crispy.  Then I stir-fried the nettles with some garlic greens and a little sprinkling of Worchestershire sauce.

This is the time of year to take stock of what’s left in the bottom of the freezer and try to use it up before the spring greens really start coming on.

My freezer at home still has one of my ducks in it–plus some assorted frozen veggies, an emergency bag or two of flour, and about fifteen two-pound bags of that grass-fed steer.  Too much to fit in the fridge’s freezer compartment.  I may have to have a meat-eating party.  Maybe at the same time I have my house-painting party.

The goal is to be able to unplug the big chest freezer–at least for a month or two–until the greens overwhelm the kitchen and I start making huge batches of spanikopita (or sometimes arugula-kopita, cilantro-kopita, or spanirugalantro-kopita) to freeze for quick summer and fall lunches.

Mmm.  Spanirugalantro-kopita.  I could add nettles, too.


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