Grape Vine Bunjee Jumping

Today looks to be a productive Earth Day on the farm, but it started with ice in the hoses, keeping me from watering right away. I’ll wait an hour or so for the sun to do its thing.

On tap for today: pulling the riparian grape “experiments gone wild” out of the middle garden, setting up some electric fence wire to deter the deer, transplanting parsley, creating permanent beds in the northeast area of the garden and mulching.

The grapevine extraction process should be a fun one to watch–from afar: Harry’s going to bunjee-jump them out with the “ugly truck”–an old custom Ford F-250 with overload springs, grill and windshield guards, and big reverse-tread mud tires that is pretty much only used for serious work.

I have never driven the thing, but others who have describe the experience as either “terrifying” or “wild,” depending on their temperament.

My understanding of the process of truck bunjee-jumping is this: you rope the vines to the truck hitch, drive away, and at the last minute, before the line becomes taut, put in the clutch so the momentum is transferred down the rope to the vine (instead of using the engine’s power to pull and risking the tires tearing up the lawn).


This project is being attempted by a trained professional. Please don’t try this at home.

Or, if you do, make sure you have a guard on your back windshield so if your rope breaks, it doesn’t come visit you on the back of the head at a very high speed.


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