VAAC Special Election

The Vermillion Area Arts Council is holding a special election for a new Board of Directors now that the transitional board has passed an amendment to the ByLaws to make that election possible.

A list of the candidates:

Judy Zwolak

Harry Scholten

Noah Iacino

Caitlin Collier

Micah Wonnenberg

Steve Merryman

Deana Fuller

Gail Bickel

Norma Wilson

Roger Jeck

Teri Davenport

The mailing I received does give a paragraph on each of the candidates’ qualifications and intentions, which I will not reprint here.  If you are a member, you should have received this mailing.

There are some incongruities in the wording of the ballot, which indicates that, “Each membership will be able to cast a vote in the election” (which suggests that family memberships only get one vote).  The next paragraph reads, “…each Verified Member may vote for up to 7 of the candidates.”

This suggests, to me, that only one adult in a family membership is a  “verified member.”  This would explain my confusion when the ballot for Harry and I’s family membership came addressed only to me, and Harry never received a ballot at all.

Another confusing aspect of the ballot is the timing.  You can vote anonymously at the Washington Street Arts Center on Tuesday, May 13, from 6:30-8:30 in the evening.  That’s fairly straightforward.  But the mail-in and e-mail options are cloudy:

“…If you do not desire anonymity you may mail the enclosed ballot to the Arts Council prior to the election or e-mail your selection of candidates to no sooner than May 11th, and no later that [sic] 6:00pm May 13th.”

Does this mean I can mail my ballot anytime before the election, but I can only e-mail my selections starting within a certain timeframe?  That seems unnecessarily complicated.  But, at least it gives me a few different options.

If you’ve let your membership lapse, now would be a good time to renew.  Let’s vote!


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