Local Contractor/Jack-of-all-Trades Needed!

Here’s an economic stimulus package for ya!

I need to hire someone with the skills to finish my bathroom this summer. I don’t have the time or skills to do it myself, and I’m tired of living with a crummy half-finished bathroom.

Here’s what it entails:

Replacing my tub backsplash and faucet fixtures. That might include some work on the walls behind it–dealing with the mildewed caulk issue along the seam between the tub and backsplash. Sanding off a little of the old wall-tile grout along the side and top edges.

Fixing and finishing the ceramic tile floor. My ex installed it himself a few years ago, and there are gaps along some of the walls, etc. I have the tile and most of the supplies. Have a (hand, not machine) tile cutter. Grouting needs to be scrubbed and topped off. Floor needs sealing.

Re-installation of the molding. I have much of it–some might need to be procured. I can paint, or we can negotiate that part.

Payment can be in cash or home-grown organic vegetables or a combination of both. I just want it done, and done right. I won’t even be here much to be in the way.

If you, or someone you know, has the skills to do all of this in the Vermillion area, please contact me and I’ll give you/them the tour. I’d prefer to hire a person/persons, not a big company.

PS–I also need to scrape/pressure wash and paint the outside of my house this summer (wood siding). I have the paint. I would prefer to do that at least partly as a barter arrangement for veggies.

PPS–Two more things I thought of for local contract work: 1) I have about six squares of sidewalk that need replacing.  2) The silver maple out front needs some small branches taken off–a little too big and a little too high for me to handle.


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