Free Sh*t!

…and I mean that quite literally.

I was out in the gardens this morning, and I saw our country neighbor, Kathy, go by.  She has horses.  Therefore, she has sh*t.  I waved at first, and then remembering her sh*t, I ran into the road, waving my arms madly, hoping she’d stop.

No dice.

So, I put the dog in the house (crazy chase lovin’ dog + Kathy’s horses= no more dog), and trucked on down the road.  Of course, she knew what I was there for.  She pointed to a big, two-year old pile in the paddock.  All I need to do is bring my shovel and wheelbarrow.

Oh, and I need to bring a ramp this time.  There’s nothing a gardener loves more than free sh*t–and sometimes in the mad dash for its acquisition, they (OK, I) will do some kinda dumb things.  Like (last year) decide, “ramp be damned–I’m gonna go get that sh*t right now!”

And fill the wheelbarrow full of it, and lift the entire wheelbarrow, full of sh*t into the back of the truck.  Several times.  And then whimper with pain for the rest of the week, as my body reproaches me.

So, I have something that will function as a ramp identified in the barn (it’s the top of an old picnic table bench), and tomorrow I will bring out my lightweight wheelbarrow and happily shovel all that fluffy fertility into the back of my little S-10.

I see all these big shiny pickups on the road (and often, several of them in my town neighbors’ driveway), and I wonder how they load those things.  But then, most of them have not a scratch in their beds, so maybe that’s not the point.

I am incredibly fond of my little Chevy because I can load an entire bed-full of manure, or whatever else I need to haul (today–12 big strawbales from the pole-shed down to the gardens) and also unload it, and not wreck myself in the process.

I can reach the middle of the bed from either side.  I can easily climb into the bed if I need to.  I can fit my big produce coolers and everything I need for deliveries or the farmers market neatly inside, and the dog can ride up front (looking so regal!) with me.  It is probably the perfect little work truck for my purposes.

And yes, it has a name.

Its name is Garland.


2 responses to this post.

  1. There’s nothing like free sh*t! 🙂

    Actually, I live nearby a community horse stable, and they always have a big pile for anyone who wants some. I’m pretty new to gardening and so am not *entirely* sure what to do with it — use it as fertilizer? dig it into the soil before planting?

  2. Posted by flyingtomato on May 1, 2008 at 7:49 am

    It kind of depends on how old it is. The pile I am using is a couple years old, so it is mature (composted) and fluffy. I would not put any fresh manure (or manure of questionable age) around food crops you plan on eating anytime soon (within a month or two)–especially greens.

    In fact, I do not spread any manure around greens, though I will dig aged manure into a greens bed before planting it.

    But, you could dig it into soil where you were going to transplant fruit crops (whose leaves you don’t eat). Only issue with that is the fresh stuff tends to be pretty chunky, so you’ll want to chop it up into the soil with your shovel.

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