This is my newly-coined term for that time of year when the larder gets thin with the leftovers of last season’s harvest and there’s little yet to graze on locally but green onions and nettles.

I offended the salad gods the other night by purchasing a box of Earthbound Farms organic baby arugula–I was tiring of nettles and wanted something fresh (well, sort of), green, and RAW.  My own arugula is up-and-coming, of course, but not at harvestable size yet.

I have been hovering, too, over the asparagus patch–the purplish-hued tips of the stalks are emerging, and my ravenous, looming presence probably makes them want to retract back into the ground.

Did a little more planting this morning in advance of the couple days of rain (snow?) we’re forecasted for.  Finally, the last of the Australian Crescent fingerling potatoes that came late, and a double row of purple “Dragon” carrots.

This is the second planting of carrots, and won’t by any means be the last.  They are one of the precious few veggies my son will eat, so I’ll plan on plenty of them for CSA deliveries, market, and our own crisper drawer.  If they make it that far….

This afternoon I’ve retired to town to critique the final poetry essays for my literature class and to deliver a few bunches of green onions to the Coffee Shop Gallery once their lunch rush is over.  Tomorrow–a six-hour round trip to Summit, SD to see my darling boy graduate from kindergarten.


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