Mmm. Morels.

We’ve been gobbling the wild mushrooms today.  I went on another hunt and found a few (not as many as the day I posted that image of ‘shrooms in the strainer).

This morning, I halved and toasted a ciabatta bun, sauteed green onions  and asparagus from the garden, plus morels, then added them to scrambled (yup, local) eggs.  A grating of Romano cheese, and then spread the egg-onion-asparagus-mushroom mix across the top of the buns.  A little salsa from last year’s garden, and I dug in.

The reason I’m not a “real” food blogger, by the way, is that when I make something really good and plate it up, I don’t mess around with the camera.  I just sit down and eat it.  So no images.  Sorry.

Tonight we had a couple little steaks seared with crushed pepper and Worchestershire, then morels and green garlic sauteed in the pan after the meat came out.  Then the mushrooms went on the plate with the meat, and I quickly wilted a couple handfuls of mature arugula (the really strong stuff that survived the winter and is now blooming in random spots in the garden).

And now I’m bushed.  Besides the gardening, final grading, new summer classes, CSA deliveries, etc., I’ve been spending a couple hours every other day wandering up and down hills and valleys and river bottoms and all kinds of wild places looking for these tasty mushrooms.

I’m sure the walking is good for me, as it uses a different set of muscles than all the other activities I do, but after all that exercise, I need to eat this well–I need the energy!


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