Warming Up

The weather is really warming up–our typical catapult from chilly spring to summer in one week or less.

I’ve been incredibly busy out in the gardens transplanting tomatoes and peppers, seeding okra and cucumbers (this year I’ll beat those cuke beetles for sure), and watering, mulching, weeding.

Yesterday I transplanted 48 sweet peppers in the eastern garden, and I’ve been mapping out where all those tomatoes will go.  I’ve got to erect more cattle panel trellises, though I will tuck a few plants in the low-germination spots with the sugar snap peas.

Had my first serious issue this week with the shell peas–the plants were looking bad, and I’m guessing the seed might’ve been diseased.  They were deformed and the leaves were rolled–not good signs.  I ripped them out and seeded cukes there.  One bright spot–the plants I pulled looked like they were already fixing nitrogen (those telltale nodules on the roots), so hopefully there’ll be a little extra boost for the cukes.

My goal is to have most all of the summer crops in the ground before the first of June.  My son will be coming to stay with me for a couple weeks in the first half of that month, so I want to be able to spend some fun time with him then rather than dragging him out to the gardens for all-day, every day, all-out work sessions.  We’ll still be out here every day, but hopefully not more than a few hours on most days.

I’m going to get my eggplant in today–and cover every other one with a Wall o Water (I don’t have enough of them to cover every one).  The rest I’ll cage to keep them safe from the depredations of the deer.

So far, they have only ripped up one of my newer row covers, so we put up a couple of hot wires where they come down through from the shelter belt on the north side of the road.

We’ll have to get a little more tricky though–I’m sure they’ll figure out a different route eventually (and this morning I hear from our neighbor that their different route seems to be through her garden).


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