Farmers Market Today

So far, it looks like I’ll have some buttercrunch lettuce, green onions, and asparagus–probably some fresh cilantro.

The jams and jellies folks will most likely be back, and Mike with his spring garlic and onions, compost and mulch as well. And we may have a few more folks show up–last week we had lots of garden plants and some fun tie dye clothing.  I bought two tomato plants–a variety I’d never tried but have wanted to: Costaluto Genovese.

And of course I am still trying to figure out how to get all the rest of those tomato plants in–put in sixteen yesterday (Japanese Black Trifele, Principe Borghese, and a San Marzano) and have identified spots for 28 more plants after having constructed a new trellis Tuesday evening after deliveries. Thankfully, Harry heard me driving posts and came down to help post-drive, wire, and carry the third and final 16-foot cattle panel section.

Spent over two hours mowing yesterday in anticipation of next Wednesday’s garden tour (we’re meeting at the community gardens behind the VAAC–202 Washington Street–watch for the time). Spent an hour and a half watering everything, plus went down and got one very full wheelbarrow full of horse manure after negotiating entry with the resident equines. Then it tipped over in the back of the truck–so I’ll still have to hose out the bed before packing up for market.

I need to do some serious hoeing and weeding in the next week, plus seed more summer crops (melons, summer squash, pole beans). This weekend promises to be busy!

Hope to see you at the market today–Clay County Fairgrounds from 3-7pm.


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