Weather-Enforced Break!

Thanks to the strong storms that rolled through from about 2-3am, I’m taking a much-needed break from the gardens today and working on my summer classes–responding to the first round of composition drafts and literature reading responses.

I was feeling really run-down and overwhelmed yesterday–got to the farmers market with what I could get harvested yesterday morning and sold out quickly, so I packed up and left an hour early–taking that time to visit my house and wash all the backed-up sinks-full of dishes and 3 loads of garden-work-related laundry.

While at the market, I did pick up 5 bags of Vito’s excellent straw mulch and 3 black raspberry plants from Gail for the perennial beds we’re planning on the western hill, but after the market declined Amy’s offer of more seeds to plant, and walked her to the door, fearing she’d leave them in the mailbox if I turned around (kidding, sort of).  I’m scared of the abundance right now–really.  Those 100 crowns of asparagus are coming next week, I think, along with 5 more black raspberry plants.

Did the math over dinner at Leo’s Lounge, and discovered that with the 4 San Marzanos I got in during a quick-and-dirty transplant session at about 8pm last night, I have 68 tomato plants in the ground already.  Not too bad!  I’ve still got space for 24 more plants along the newly-constructed cattle panel trellis, and that will put me within easy reach of the 100-plant goal I’ve set for this year.

But today is about desk work, a much-anticipated nap (I’ve been up since 4am, when I got up to use the bathroom and cold, wind-driven rainwater was dripping through the fan vent onto my head!), and I think I’ll take those three extra bunches of spring garlic greens from Vito, chop them, and throw them in the dehydrator.

My house will be redolent of garlic!  Ahh.  Much better than muddy laundry and dirty dishes!


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