Farmers Market Today!

It rained hard all night, but it seems to have let up at least for the moment.  So, I walked out in the mud with my first cup of coffee and started pulling Easter Egg radishes.  They are a lovely mix of white, red, pink, and purple (or at least they will be by the time I’ve washed the mud off and brought them to market).

Easter Egg Radish

I will also have the amazing Goddess salad mix, a little asparagus (I hope–get there early!), rhubarb, and likely a few other goodies.

We’ll set up our pop-up tents as usual, so you can browse without getting soaked if these showers keep up all afternoon.

Vermillion Area Farmers Market

Thursdays 3-7pm

Clay County Fairgrounds (Corner of Cherry & High Streets)

See you there!

And immediately following the market, there will be a “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” meeting at the Buffalo Run Winery (far west Main Street), 7pm.  If you go, please tell Pat (Garrity, who is running the meeting) that the farmers market folks will be a little late–we’ll need to pack up.


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