Greens Gone Wild

All this rain may be making the potatoes and tomatoes a bit grumpy, but it is turning out to be a banner year for greens.  I can’t believe how fast the lettuces are growing and “coming again” after they’ve been cut. (I have a feeling that phrase in quotes is going to bring some confused readers to my blog.)

My only fear now is that the strong storms projected for tonight and the next few days will bring hail with them.  There’s just no way I can cover everything.  I am projecting deliveries of spinach, three varieties of romaine lettuce, and other goodies next week–and I should have Goddess Mix, lettuce, radishes, and a few other goodies for the farmers market tomorrow (fingers crossed).

In town, the cottonwoods are blowing–little wisps of cotton are flying everywhere.  I think I have the two messiest trees on the block–a big silver maple in front that dumps enough “keys” to replenish the northern forests (and that I think the street cleaners make an extra pass to deal with), and the enormous cottonwood in back that, in succession, dumps in my yard and the neighbors’: flexible young branches, sticky little bud casings that cling to shoes and bare feet, enough cotton to clothe a family (albeit a very small family, and scantily), and then its big, glossy, hard-to-break down leaves.  Then a few more little branches throughout the winter.

I think that’s why most people don’t plant cottonwoods in town–cotton clinging to the screens, sticky crud tracked in and cementing to the linoleum, a propensity to drop big branches occasionally.  Mine has had two big branches taken down–one over my one story house and one over the neighbors’ three story house.  It took five guys (three on my roof), a big truck, and several ropes to take the branch looming over my place.  It also took several hundred dollars.

But, it’s a magnificent messy tree, and I’d wager it thinks (in whatever mysterious way trees think) it owns the place as much as I do.


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