The Great Flood

It just keeps raining, and it doesn’t appear it will let up for several days.  This is OK for the greens (except for the army of slugs that are cavorting among the lettuce leaves), but it’s hell on a number of the other crops.

Luckily, we are situated on a slope, so drainage hasn’t been a huge problem.  The river valley fields are a different story–they were gathering little ponds two days ago–before the last two storms. According to the NOAA forecast, we can expect more storms today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night–with a brief break on Friday and maybe Saturday before more rain on Sunday.  I’ll bet the University Road floods, or gets dramatically close to it in the low spots by Friday.  It’s always a little nerve-wracking to drive that road through a valley so flooded that water is lapping at the edges and debris is scattered over the road surface from the wind-driven waves.

The weeds are getting out of control in some parts of my gardens, and walking down the aisles is a slippery, mud-caked process.  Still, I’ll be harvesting for the farmers market tomorrow, and hopefully we won’t be rained out too badly.  It’d have to be a heckuva flood to reach the gardens–but getting across the Vermillion River Bridge to the gardens on the other side is another story!  A circuitous route will have to be scouted.

Oh–I forgot to post my newsletter from yesterday.  I’ll get on that!


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