The Eye of the Hurricane

It didn’t rain yesterday, and it was breezy and sunny, so though things are still pretty damp, tonight’s 80% chance of storms forecast means we’ll need to get on top of various chores we’ve put off on the really saturated days.

Still haven’t been able to get in those asparagus crowns and blackberries and rhubarb, so that’s the main push for today. Harry’s going to try to fire up the backhoe–if that’s successful, I’ll head down the road and fill the truck with manure while he’s digging a foot-deep trench for the plants. Then, we’ll set the surviving asparagus crowns in the worked-up bottom of that trench. They’ll be lightly covered with a soil/manure mix a couple times throughout the rest of the season, and mulched moderately.

The blackberries and rhubarb will get their own beds, probably separated by strips of heavy landscape fabric so mowing between the thorny canes isn’t an issue. I’ve had this landscape fabric for awhile–ever since I bought Morse’s old greenhouse thinking I’d use it in the traditional manner.

We’re still not sure where or how we’ll use that greenhouse frame–we may even put it directly in the garden so I can start cold-tender plants right inside it–removing the cover when things heat up and using a trellis netting to grow pole beans over the top.

A lot of this garden project as a whole consists of gathering together materials and supplies that look like they will be useful in the long term. This is a lot easier to do on a farm, where there’s a bit of extra storage space, and so when all the pieces are gathered, a project can be executed fairly quickly (though not always easily). It also generally results in having all kinds of crazy stuff lying around on the off-chance it will be indispensable for a slow-growing design idea or an unexpected repair job.


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