Budding Broccoli

I haven’t had too much success growing broccoli in the past–I think mostly because I’d fall seed it instead of either direct-seeding or transplanting in spring.  Why do I always make things a little harder than they have to be?

Oh, well.  Both the transplanted broccoli and the direct-seeded broccoli are starting to bud now–get their central flower cluster that is so tasty and good for you.  The transplants are ahead of the direct-seeded row by a bit, so I should have broccoli for a longer period of time this way, though I’ll likely just do the transplants next year and depend on the differing days-to-maturity to keep the green goodness coming.

Gave them all a shot of fish/seaweed fertilizer this morning the encourage them to stay healthy and make bigger buds.  The nice thing about broccoli (so I’ve heard, not having had much success) is that if you cut the central bud fairly high up on the stalk and keep the fertility high, the plant will produce smaller side-heads in good quantities.

Haven’t had too much problem yet with the cabbage moths in the gardens–but then I’ve been dusting the broccoli plants with an OMRI-listed pyrethrin/diatomaceous earth mix just to be safe.

I’ll likely head back to the north central garden sometime next week to do the same for the cauliflower transplants, which have been sizing up nicely in the last few weeks.  That’s another crop I’ve not had success with–but only because I’ve never grown it before!


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