Don’t Wait! Start Preserving the Harvest Now!

If you are waiting to start preserving the harvest until the cucumbers or tomatoes ripen–don’t! There are lots of little pantry and freezer-filling projects you can do right now. In fact, while writing this post, I am procrastinating just such a project!

Bucket o\' Cilantro

This is a big bucket of cilantro I harvested yesterday, as most of the herb is starting to bolt in the gardens. I started out just harvesting a little, to make a dish for a potluck barbeque we attended last night, but realized if I was going to do it, I could almost as easily do a bunch extra for my own freezer. I said almost as easily…

Cilantro Pesto

This is what I turned some of it into–cilantro-feta pesto with peanut and lime. I’ve got a ways to go in processing all this fresh herb–this is just what was left over from filling the party dip bowl.

This stuff (not to mention just straight pureed cilantro paste in oil) freezes exceptionally well, and is a great solution for those herbs that either don’t dry well (cilantro and dill especially) or that change in flavor when dried (I’m thinking of basil).

I pack the puree or pesto in can-or-freeze pint or half-pint jars or reusable plastic freezer boxes, or I freeze little cubes of it in an old metal ice cube tray I found at a thrift store. Then I can pop the cubes out and store them in a plastic bag in the fridge. The frozen cilantro makes a great addition to mid-winter salsa–it makes it taste freshly-made all over again.


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