Farmers Market Today!

I don’t have a lot of stuff, but what I have is good and fresh–harvested this morning.


I’ll have a few heads of speckled and red romaine lettuce, a ton of bunches of dillweed, some carrots, baby beets with greens, sugar snap peas, and white turnips.

Carrots & Turnips & Peas, Oh My.

If you are wondering why I didn’t mention the asparagus that appears in the first image, it’s because I am about to can three quarts of dilly asparagus spears (a girl’s got to have something to garnish her Bloody Mary with!). If there’s any left, I’ll bunch it up and bring it, but I don’t want to advertise something I’m not sure I’ll have there.

By the way–if you are in the Vermillion area and have extra produce–(anything! everything! people have been asking for rhubarb a lot lately), or if you make crafts or baked goods or anything else homemade, homegrown, or garden-related, please do come down and set up a table.

We really need more vendors! It’s only $5/week (or $75 for the season), and the rules and regs form is very simple. We have a great location that gets a lot of visibility. Even if you just brought a few items (perennials you divided? herbs that need trimming back?), you’d have a hard time not recouping your expense.

Vendors 65 and over sell for free! And you can sell out of your truck bed if you need to–you can just drive right into a space and get comfortable.

Did I mention we’re really nice?

Vermillion Area Farmers Market

Thursdays, 3-7pm, Clay County Fairgrounds, Corner of Cherry and High Streets.

Vermillion, South Dakota, U.S.A.


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