Today’s post will be short !

We got rained out at the end of the market yesterday.  Well, “rained in” is more like it–we had to wait under the pop-ups until the downpour let up enough that we could break them down, pack our trucks, and grab the signs.

A fun day nonetheless, and three new vendors!  I ended up bringing home most of the 20 bunches of dill I’d brought to sell–so I whirred up a pint, plus a couple smaller containers, of dill puree with olive oil for my freezer.

The leftover turnips and beets I roasted with the last (moan of desperation) of this amazing balsamic vinegar I got from my friend Matt in Seattle a couple Christmases ago, plus a little oil, salt, and pepper.  OMGosh were they sweet and good.

Today it was hot, and I spent the afternoon out in it filling the gaps in the summer squash, cuke, and melon rows.  Weeded out the hot peppers and tomatillos and okra.  Transplanted (almost) all the rest of the basil. Sometimes it just feels good to work in the heat and work out the toxins.

Now, speaking of toxins, I’m going to get ready to drink beer.

And eat yummy Mexican food.

Good night.


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