River Nights

My posting has dropped off a bit in the past week or so.  There’s a reason for this: we’ve been spending some of our nights camping on the river.  It’s a nice break from the heat and noise of town, and the sun wakes us early enough to paddle back and get some early watering, weeding, and other work done before it heats up too much.  Oh, and my dog Vega, who has a bad hip, gets some good, low-impact exercise from the swimming.

I’m loving my bright pink Ocean Kayak, and though I’ve tried out Harry’s bigger kayak and a few of the boats in Terry’s fleet, I’m still just as smitten with my zippy little craft.

Venus 11

I should probably get some images of it on the river, but I don’t want to expose my camera to all that sand.  A couple of nice points about it–slightly less than 40lb. weight makes it easy for me to load, and the under-twelve-foot length means I don’t have to register it in South Dakota.  I do still want to get the hatch kit for the front of the boat so I have more semi-dry carrying capacity.

My thumbs are in the very tender (blistered, that is) stage of developing paddling callouses, so I’ve had to keep them bandaged during the day to protect them from inadvertent and painful knocks.  Well, off to figure out what supplies we’ll need for tonight’s river adventure!


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