One Thing


Some days I get out to the gardens to harvest for deliveries or market, or I go out to pick up a tool to work in my gardens in town, and I just don’t feel like doing a bunch of hot, dirty work out there. So I make myself do one thing–just one extra thing over and beyond what I came for.

Oftentimes that one thing ends up leading me to do other things, and I just needed to get over my initial resistance. Today, the thing was using up the last of my diatomaceous earth dust (I’ve ordered more) on the eggplant and cauliflower when I went out to grab my digging fork. I needed it to dig out some licorice mint plants to pot up for tomorrow’s market.

Yesterday, after harvesting for deliveries, I walked back down to grab the bucket of tiny carrots that didn’t go in deliveries (and was going to go in my fridge), and decided I’d better tie up a few of the tomato plants that were starting to flop over a bit as they get taller. Along with that, it made sense to weed around them, so that’s what I did.

Tomorrow I am guessing the one thing will be some mowing of the taller weeds in various spots. For that I’ll need to wear some serious grubbies and then change before I bring produce to market.

I am thinking I will have some peas and lettuce and carrots for sure, some of the above-mentioned licorice mint plants, maybe I will even make focaccia since the rain has us doubting we’ll make the river trip tonight (I try to make the dough ahead so the herb flavors permeate).

I’ll post an update on what I’ll have at market tomorrow afternoon when I return from harvesting.


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