Today at the Farmers Market

I’ll have broccoli, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, romaine lettuce, and a few bunches of Italian parsley, as well as a couple bags of other herbs–a couple spearmint and one of tarragon.

I’ll also have some licorice mint plants for sale–lovely for making tea, especially mixed with other mints and a bit of lemon balm, basil, or verbena. It has a pretty lavender flower spike that is attractive to pollinators.

Have you tried Lip Smakin Jellies’ habanero raspberry jelly? Wow! I’ll bet they’ll be there too. Can’t be too long until Vito has his elephant garlic for sale either–I know my patch has started drying down….

Vermillion Area Farmers Market

Clay County Fairgrounds–corner of Cherry & High Streets

3-7pm Thursdays, mid-May through mid-October

Get some Local Goodness!

New Vendors with homegrown, homemade and garden-related items welcomed! $5/week to set up–just bring a table or call Caitlin at 624-8060 for more information.


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