Today at the Farmers Market,

the question on everyone’s lips will be, “how soon ’til tomatoes?”

Soon–soon.  A week?  Two?  Gulp–three?  It can’t be that long can it?  Well, we’re all just as excited for them as you are.

I am going to have the last of the romaine lettuce from my garden for awhile (all three varieties), sugar snap peas (going, going…the powdery mildew is starting to take hold on the lower branches), and a couple cukes (step back, nonbelievers!) and a few sweet peppers, a couple hot wax peppers, too.

But even though I won’t have too much (a side effect of my being rather tired out from dismantling and then reconstructing my kitchen after the floor replacement), I am hearing all kinds of tasty rumors from the other vendors.

Here’s what I’ve been hearing (and seeing with my own eyes, even!):  Vito mentioned digging some nice little red new potatoes and maybe a few beets. He also said he had a few jalapenos.  The illustrious Drs. Schweinle have a plethora of lovely summer squashes in their garden, some of which may find their way to market.  And last week Mrs. Robertson (not to be confused with Mrs. Robinson) did have new potatoes and some nice big beets as well.

I would not be surprised if someone brought some berries of one variety or another–I have seen a few ripe raspberries and black raspberries around town.

See you there!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market

Clay County Fairgrounds–Corner of Cherry & High Streets

Every Thursday, 3-7pm

Get some local GOODNESS!


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