Community Supported Agriculture and the New Federalism

Every once in awhile I have to get a little political fix. It’s not that I’m a political junkie–it’s more that I’ve been waiting to see when more people would finally start to “get it”–that the old hierarchical systems don’t work anymore and haven’t been working for quite some time now.

I have read a few posts on Jon Taplin’s blog, and I believe he gets it better than anyone else I’ve read.

Recently, two of my CSA members sent me links to this New York Times article about CSA. It was a reasonably good article, but what I didn’t understand is why the author made it sound like CSA is a totally new concept.

I mean, it’s been over ten years (ouch!) since I worked at Vermont Valley Farm, and the CSA movement in and around Madison, Wisconsin was strong then. It has done nothing but grow since then–with a great lobbying organization in MACSAC, and even rebates on health insurance premiums for CSA shareholders.

So, when I saw on the WordPress homepage that Jon Taplin had commented on that article, I had to read his remarks and respond.

But what I found linked to in that commentary was even better–an incredibly inspiring and clarifying article about California’s Experiment in the New Federalism, which helps congeal some of my own nascent theories about why there are some people who just don’t seem to get how much the world has changed, and that they can’t just go around being the same “good old boys” they used to and have it work.

They’ve been left behind, and they don’t even know it yet–which is why they always seem to be in the way of real progress and positive change and think they have every right to be.


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