South Carolina is apparently not “so gay”

All over the blogosphere and interweb are reports that South Carolina has disavowed the tourism ad campaign (and refused to pay for it) posted in subways during London’s Gay Pride Week, touting “South Carolina is So Gay” and a great travel destination for gay European tourists.

From the MSNBC article by Alex Johnson:

A state employee has resigned and officials have disavowed an international advertising campaign that led to calls for an investigation of tourism posters proclaiming “South Carolina is so gay.”

The campaign, which plastered the London subway with posters advertising the charms of South Carolina and five major U.S. cities to gay European tourists, landed with a resounding thud in South Carolina, where the issue of gay rights has long been a political flashpoint.

Part of me is laughing at their scrambling efforts to prove how “not gay” and homophobic they really still are (really!), and part of me is hoping for the same sort of ad campaign for that other “southern” state: South Dakota.

Gay tourism is a $64.5 billion market in the United States, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association estimates…

Maybe South Carolina doesn’t want a piece of that tourism-dollar pie, but I’d hope South Dakota could graciously welcome all travelers to our land of “Great Faces” and “Great Places.”


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