The Great Toad Migration!

Baby Toad

Baby Toad

Around the farm these past few days, the baby toads are hopping. They’re pretty much all heading south–to the Vermillion River? Or just to find a good place to burrow down in the moist soil and eat bugs?

We’ve had to be mindful of our feet, as they’re just about everywhere, and I am putting off mowing for a bit until they settle in. I would love for a few of them to stick around and eat some of the grasshoppers that are also quite numerous, and I don’t want to scare them off or run them down.

Toads in the Road

Toads in the Road

Unfortunately, they are also all over University Road–so go slow if you take that route, and give them a little extra time to hop out of the way!


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  2. Posted by Bridget on July 17, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    I recently visted my parents who live just south of the Vermillion River which is behind their house. Thousands of these little baby toads apparently migrated toward the river and hundreds stayed behind to eat the plethora of bugs in their yard and pasture. What a site to see my son catching the little guys and putting them back to the wild…a great lesson for any child or adult.

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