Gadzukes! Cukes!

Cucumber Abundance

Cucumber Abundance

Guess it’s obvious what’s going in deliveries today! Good thing, too, because I’m running out of room for them in the fridge. The shorter ones are “Mideast Prolific” from Seeds of Change. I’ve grown these for a number of years, and if the cuke beetles don’t get them, they bear nice, sweet fruits good for both slicing and pickling.

The longer, skinnier ones are a new “burpless” variety I’m trying from Pinetree Garden Seeds out of Maine. They’re called “Summer Dance,” and they’re incredibly prolific and tasty. Very nice-looking too–though if not trellised they do tend to curve. These will go on the “must grow” list for next year.

Spent the morning yesterday pulling the big weeds out from the potato and leek beds. I’d been waiting for a nice, soaking rain to be able to get them out easily, which thankfully came before they all went to seed.

I’m always so smug at the beginning of the season when everything looks so clean and neat, and I’m keeping so on top of the weed issues. Then we get the June rains and it’s impossible to keep up with the hoeing–so the aisles end up needing mowing.

Yes, I know–I could use mulch. But it takes a lot of mulch to cover a garden this size. So I just keep covering a little more area every year and “weeding” the rest with the lawnmower.


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