SD Bloggers’ Picnic (a.k.a. Blognic)

I see I’m not the first to post on yesterday’s events–though to be fair, I think I had the longest drive. Then I spent most of today mowing, harvesting, planting daikon radishes and rutabaga, and harvesting chokecherries, half of which I am cooking down for juice, the other half I packed away in the freezer.

About a half-dozen SD bloggers got together for food and conversation and a little bit of kayaking on Lake Herman in Madison, SD yesterday. Lovely day for it–and I was glad to be a little further north–it was certainly cooler there than it was here in the Verm.

Todd Epp gave a good introduction to the possibilities of Twitter, and while the politicos have their uses, I can’t help but think what a great tool it would be for getting out word on what’s at the farmers market each week. Cory Heidelberger talked about his learning experience at a blogging conference back East, and the possibilities for community blogs.

Also there, Cory’s wife Erin of Prairie Roots fame, and their daughter, editorial cartoonist Scott “South DaCola” Ehrisman, Bob Schwartz of Politics and Hypocrisy, and Jackie (sorry, couldn’t track down a last name!) of Sioux Falls Cartoonists.


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