Today at the Farmers Market

I’ll have organically-grown tomatoes!  I only have about fifteen pounds, so get there early if you want some.  I’ve got a basket of red ones and a basket of yellow and orange ones.  Price is two bucks a pound–which, by the way, is the same price as conventionally-grown supermarket tomatoes, last I checked.

I’ll also have sweet bell peppers, a couple bags of broccoli, a baggie of okra, a bag of Australian Crescent fingerling potatoes, and cucumbers.

We had a big truck farmer come last week with oodles of fresh local sweet corn, plus buckets full of potatoes, summer squash, jalapeno peppers, cukes, and other good stuff.  They said they’d be back again this week.  Since I’m not growing sweet corn (I always purchase seed and then realize I don’t have room to grow it), I plan on getting at least 3 dozen ears and processing it for freezing.

Garry and Barb from Lip Smakin’ Jellies are sure to be there, and Laurel the tie-die lady with the fabulous laugh has been coming regularly, too.

We’ve been getting new vendors every week–who knows what other wonderful local foods and crafts will be there?  You’ll have to come to find out!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market

Clay County Fairgrounds, Corner of Cherry & High Streets

Every Thursday from 3-7pm

Get some local Goodness!


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