County Fair Next Weekend!

Tomato Couch

Tomato Couch--I won't be entertaining this week!

I love the Clay County Fair!  I love entering my veggies on the Wednesday night before the Fair starts–all the ladies who “oooh” and “aaah” over the various entries, standing in line with my cooler full of veggies and my white paper plates and my pink entry forms all filled out.

Now I don’t want to brag, but over the past three years, a large percentage of my veggie entries have been heirlooms.  I fill out the backside of each card with all the history and attributes of each vegetable lovingly, so they know it’s supposed to look like that, or be that small, or that big, or that color.

Well, this year, I picked up my fair entry forms and there’s a new sub-category of the horticulture department: Heirloom Vegetables!  They require the entrant to fill out a separate 3 x 5 card with the history and attributes of the variety when entering a vegetable in this category, which for me is nice–I’ll get a little extra room to tell all the wonderful things I know about the veggies I grow.

Another cool thing about the Fair this year is that one of the conditions of our using the fairgrounds for the weekly market is that the Vermillion Area Farmers Market “has to” set up a free booth at the fair for our vendors to sell their wares.  This was not a big disappointment to us or our vivacious vendors, as you can imagine.  We’re gearing up for a great three days!

I’ll probably spend the better part of Friday at our booth there–Thursday night I’ll stop in, too–but I’ll make a bee-line for the open-class horticulture exhibit to count my ribbons and see what wonderful stuff other growers entered (and beat me with!).  Saturday–well, I’ll be there Saturday night, but not at the booth.

It’ll be my birthday, you see, and I’ll be picking up my son and bringing him down to eat hotdogs and cotton candy, cool slurpies, funnel cakes, and other don’t-ask-what’s-in-it fair foods, and watching him ride what rides he thinks aren’t too scary.

If I’m lucky, and he isn’t too old or too “cool” yet, I can get him to ride the big Ferris Wheel with me, and I’ll give him a big squeeze-y hug way up on top, overlooking the summer countryside.


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