Ready, Set…Hmm.

All the tomatoes are in their boxes for deliveries tomorrow (2 boxes for each this time!).  Today’s picking of cukes is chilling in the sink: some will go into the crisper for deliveries, and the little picklers will go into the crock in the basement.

I’m doing research on the various varieties of veggies I’m growing to see what I can dig up for history on the heirlooms to enter in the Fair.  It’s a little tricky!  Some places say a variety is an heirloom and others do not.  Some give history, others none.

Feeling a little off-kilter about the days of the week–canned a little tomato sauce with a CSA member/friend this morning, working on my final grading, doing a little housecleaning.  It feels like a Friday to me–like I should be getting ready for something fun and lively or at least a trip out to the river.  But the weather looks a bit uncertain to be on an island.

I am restless for a Monday, though, so I am trying to decide if it makes sense to start on the beet-pickling project tonight–maybe at least go out and harvest and scrub them up.  But if I go that far, I’ll probably be up til midnight or later finishing the project I started.

But at least it will be cooler then….


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