Early Fair Results and the Weather Story you’re not hearing…

Got a call from fellow farmer and farmers’ marketeer Mike Gaidelis at about 8 this morning–my heirloom Blue Solaise leeks took best of show in the horticultural division for the second year in a row! I didn’t think they were quite as nice as last year’s crop, but the bigger ones are doing something I’ve never had my leeks do: sprouting babies around their bases.

When I dug out the fair entry leeks, I removed those little leek-lings and buried them within a couple inches of their top leaves. This is an overwintering variety, so I’m hoping for the biggest leeks yet next season.

The weather story you’re not getting, with all the fuss about Tropical Storm Edouard being not so bad as they’d feared, is that monsoons have come to Central Vermont, tearing out roads and bridges and stranding people living in the villages on the side of the mountains.

My family lives down close to the base of Breadloaf Mountain (near the “Bob Newhart Show,” a.k.a. Waybury Inn), and has been bailing concertedly. My dad, stranded in New Hampshire (the horror!), finally found a road that wasn’t washed out and made it home safely last night. My mom says the National Guard Red Cross helicopters have been buzzing over, preparing for water rescues and helping those stranded by the high waters.

See flooding photos here. My mom says they’re supposed to get more rain tonight through Sunday. She was heading out to get supplies when I talked to her.

You might think you’d be safe from flooding living on the mountain, but those mountain rivers and streams carve a pretty narrow path down through to the valleys. The towns are built in the little narrow mountain valleys, and the roads follow the same paths as the river, so the roads and sometimes the towns become part of the river when the water is high enough.


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