Today at the Farmers Market

I’ll have all kinds of goodies!

Lots of Asian and slicing cukes, lots of sweet bell peppers and great ideas for stuffing them.

I’ve also got a couple gallon bags of sweet basil for the awesome price of $6/bag. Compare that to the $2.50-for-a-couple-sprigs price in the supermarket! I also have a smaller bag of lemon basil (my favorite!).

Also in the coolers–a couple lovely tender eggplant, a few bags of wild garden kales and rainbow chard, a bag of broccoli side-shoots, a bag of mixed green and yellow beans.

And last but not least, a bucket of nice-sized Red Ace beets and some Italian flatleaf parsley.

I’m not bringing tomatoes today because I’m pretty certain that we’ll have lots of other vendors with lots of tomatoes (and I’ve been doing some canning). Plus you’re sure to see sweet corn, jams and jellies, and other wonderful treats from the bounteous cornucopia of summer!

I’ll also have a contest: Name all twelve veggies in the pickle and win a five dollar gift certificate! (One try per customer, please.)

See you at the market!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market

Clay County Fairgrounds, Corner of Cherry & High Streets

Every Thursday from 3-7pm

Get some local Goodness!


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