For the past couple of years, we’ve had a lone turkey hen visitor at the farm. She’s often trailed by her young ones, and she’s not terribly concerned about our doings. Three days ago, she was in the front yard when we pulled in, and she waddled over behind a tree, sticking her head out to keep an eye on us.

Two days ago, I was in the north central garden with a friend, and I walked over to the end of the tomato row, only to be surprised by her ruffling of feathers just a couple feet away. She walked around the fence corner and hung out by a mulberry tree while I harvested.

Yesterday, she’d knocked down the lower electric fencing and was in the northeast garden, scratching up my new beet and chard row. I hollered at her a little and she moved off into the grass and out of sight.

I admire her lone-ranging ways, but when it comes to my crops, she’s not going to get a friendly welcome to the table. I’ve still got a few of the steel protective cages left over from keeping the cucumbers off the kale, so I’ll stagger those over the beet row to keep her out of the seedling crop.


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  1. Posted by Matt on August 14, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    I suggest rather than a scarecrow you staple a bag of stuffing to a post. That outta put some fire under her giblets.

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