Trust the Process

Today’s food preservation projects are as much about stemming the fruit fly invasion as getting the pantry full!  This time of year, if you have produce in your house and you keep your windows open, they’re pretty inevitable.

So, I’ve got a stockpot full of tomatoes cooking down on the stove, a tray of cherry tomatoes drying in the dehydrator, and a half crate of peaches that will probably go into jars in some sort of spiced syrup.  Harry and I have a deal: he buys a crate of peaches, and I make tasty things out of them.

I’m not much of a sweet tooth myself, but I like to make things that make him happy.  So, brandied peaches it is.  The other half of the crate went into the spiced peach butter that my friend Caitlin helped me process on Tuesday.

The tomatoes–hmm–maybe another batch of salsa–that’d deal with some of the hot and sweet peppers left over from market yesterday.  But then there’s this summer squash build-up too–not enough to deliver, but I can’t let them sink into decay on the table.  Roasted summer squash and peppers to freeze?

The produce build-up ends up being a sort of puzzle where the number of pieces doesn’t always match how many you need to complete the picture.  You just work on putting them together the best you can, using up as many of the pieces as you can fit together.  And taking into account how many burners you have on the stove, plus the oven, the dehydrator, and the freezer space.

Then there’s still that one bag of beans in the fridge.  Maybe that can be part of the supper puzzle?


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