Great Dakota Wine Fest this Weekend!

Do you need an excuse to drink wine all weekend? Sure, you do.

How about taking advantage of the local food and drink at the Great Dakota Wine Fest at Buffalo Run Winery here in Vermillion today and tomorrow, starting at 10am?

In case you need an excuse, here are a few to choose from:

>You really wanted Barack to pick Hillary, or Kucinich, instead of Joe Biden.

>You are a Republican, and now you won’t be able to complain about the Democratic ticket’s lack of foreign policy experience.

>You teach at USD, your contract started yesterday, and you are nowhere near ready for the semester to begin.

>You forgot to fill out that 12-month pay option form, and just realized you won’t be getting a paycheck at the end of this month.

>Like me, you teach online, and your D2L username has been changed, but you haven’t been told what the new one is.

>You are a Vermillion townie, and have recently realized that your sleepy, peaceful town is once again being overrun by college students.

>You are a recently-arrived, of-age USD student and want to sample some of the local flavors.

>You’ve broken all your wine glasses and know you’ll get a free one if you go.

>You’ve already got some Valiant Vineyards glasses, and need a couple more to complete your set.

>Your tan is fading, so you think staining your legs purple at the grape stomp might look cool.

>You’ve always wanted your picture on a bottle of wine.

I hope this helps! Just remember–walk, or arrange for a designated driver. We South Dakotans are too polite to spit out our wine after tasting, and even if you do, try explaining the fermented grape breath to the police officer who stops you.

See you there!

(PS–there looks to be a great rummage sale going on at the Methodist Church on Dakota Street! Get there early!)


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