Busy Days

I have been posting less lately due to an overwhelming amount of work–preparing for fall classes and preserving the harvest that just keeps coming.  On the way to another potluck last night, I spotted a lovely plum tree bearing a nice amount of sound fruit–right in my neighborhood!

We talk about this area of the country being a “food desert,” but I’m always amazed at how much there really is if you look.  A lot of homeowners who have “inherited” fruit trees with property think of them as a messy nuisance, and if you can persuade them to allow you to clean up that “mess,” you might be able to keep them from taking those fruit trees down, thus insuring a nice supply of fruit to put up for the winter.

In this area, we mostly have apples, pears, cherries, crabapples, with some occasional peaches, Asian Pears, and plums.  Then there’s the “weed” trees and bushes–chokecherries and mulberries, plus wild asparagus and mushrooms.

But before I can go down and ask the property owners about that plum tree, there’s the six jars of tomato sauce finishing off in the canner.  And more details to be worked out for the fall classes starting on Tuesday.  And yet another potluck party, starting late this afternoon, to make a tasty dish for.

Busy, busy days!


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  1. If I was buying a house today and there were established fruit trees I would be elated. The cost of fruit today is so high and the thought of picking my own would be a double bonus.

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