The Naughty Taco, Part Two

Last year I made a spicy taco sauce out of my Red Rocket peppers, plus tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, salt, and a little sugar.  I called it TNT–The Naughty Taco.  Which, of course, spurred some interesting commentary.

This year, I don’t have hot red peppers, but I do have orange and yellow ones, plus some ripe sweet peppers and tomatoes.

Pepper Prep

Pepper Prep

I’ll trim them up, probably leaving all the seeds and veins in the hot ones this time, and throw them into the pot in big chunks, cooking the whole mess of garlic, peppers, and tomatoes with a little salt until they’re soft.

Since I have a lot on my plate today–first day of classes, CSA deliveries, etc., I’ll let them cool until later this evening and then run them through the food mill, then take the resulting puree and cook it down a bit further, seasoning to taste, and then canning it in whatever half-pint jars I can scrape up around the house.


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