The One Thing I Find Admirable about Sarah Palin

is that she can field dress a moose.  That seems like a good skill to have if you live in Alaska.  Or Vermont.  Or anyplace else that has moose and a moose season.  And frankly, you have to field dress a moose unless you have overload springs on your truck (and your truck happens to be right there).  They are massive animals, and they have a lot of guts.  Literally.

My dad got a moose tag a few years ago, and he chronicled the whole process of the scout, the hunt, the kill, the dressing, and the whole incredibly arduous process of dealing with the animal.  They divvied up the meat between the families of the something like fifteen people that helped out, and they still had A LOT of meat.

My Dad, Mountain Man

My Dad, Mountain Man

There are also a whole bunch of things I don’t find admirable or impressive about Palin.  Or I simply don’t care about.  I’m not interested in her family in terms of her qualifications to be in office.  I’m not interested in her daughter’s pregnancy, except that it seems to illustrate some of the problems with her abstinence-only education agenda.  Not that a young woman who knows how to have safe sex never gets pregnant.

I’m appalled by her attempt at banning books, and her desire to inject her religious beliefs into science curricula, and into bedrooms and doctor’s offices all across the land.

I don’t think that being a mayor of a small town about the size of Vermillion shows much except she can run a very small campaign.  A campaign where there might not be too many other people running.  I mean, should we put Mayor Dan up for consideration?  No offense, Mayor Dan, but I don’t think you’re qualified for the VP slot.  Your wife, Gloria, might be.  She seems like a capable businesswoman.

I’m not sure how being a less than two-years-experienced governor of a state small in population makes her qualified either.  By that reckoning, our governor, Mike Rounds, would be more qualified than Palin is. I don’t think anyone has the impression he’s ready for the nod.

In fact, though my dad has never been mayor, he was on the planning commission in a town about the size of Wasilla for several years, and has been a successful businessman for more years than I’ve been alive.  He has two kids, and he can field dress a moose.  Maybe he should be Vice President.

Except I’d never hear the end of it, and as much as he loves the women in his life, he’s a bit of a chauvinist.  That might be a reaction to his liberal-minded feminist daughter (he has been known to say things just to piss me off), but I think the Republicans have enough chauvinism to go around already.

The difference is, my dad does it with a glint of humor in his eye–a hint of a challenge to prove him wrong.  The Republicans do it because they don’t know any better.

Anyhow, I’ll give Palin the moose.  That’s impressive.  But still probably not a qualification for VP, unless the job description entails slicing open the belly of one’s opponent after they are dead, and leaving the entrails in the woods for the wolves.

Oh, except she likes to kill those, too.


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  1. Posted by angelic1 on September 6, 2008 at 9:09 am

    check out this blog to see just how unqualified she is -

  2. Posted by David B. on September 6, 2008 at 10:24 am

    I would like to point out a flaw in your reasoning here. You said,

    “I’m not interested in her daughter’s pregnancy, except that it seems to illustrate some of the problems with her abstinence-only education agenda.”

    The problem is not a conversative agenda reflecting an approach of abstinence with regards to sexual behavior. I think the word that would have been mosting fitting here would be “absent-only” agenda not “abstinence-only” agenda. The sad problem comes from the feminist mantra today that affects women, and unfortunately their daughters, everywhere. You can have it all – career obsessed women being “absent” from the lives of their daughters. Women today provide no guidance or accountability for their daughters – they’re consumed with trying to prove something to the world and other women. If you have children, invest in them. If you want to have a career, then don’t have children. If money if an issue for you and your family, then sacrifice. A second SUV for the family is a luxury and a privilege – not a right. Here’s the reality – there is simply no available time to do both effectively and with excellence. Unfortunately, the mother’s today are too busy dressing like teenage girls, getting tattoos, and engaging in childish and self indulgent pursuits, that they simply miss the signs of trouble for their daughters. Women – stop sacrificing this generation of daughters for a lie!

  3. Yeah, I guess – – if you feel that dressing a moose will come in that handy in the White House! (NOT!)

    I like Sarah Palin. She is sincere and full of energy. But she is woefully misinformed.

    No sex education! Whoops! Teenager has a baby! Shouldn’t that be a clue?
    Brother-in-law is harassing her sister. Palin pulls strings to get him fired. Is that going too far?
    Doesn’t like some of the books in the local library. She asks the librarian if she would mind removing certain books. The librarian indicates she will not tolerate censorship. Palin gets her fired.

    The common thread here is the self-appointed assumption that what I (Palin) decide is better for you than what you decide. Ohh,
    that smacks of totalitarianism! Too bad it hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and won’t work in the future. Most amazing of all (and tragic) is that some people don’t like to think for themselves. They are mentally lazy, and oh-so willing to let others make these crucial decisions for them. You could see hoards of these mindless drones waving flags and cheering her at the Republican Convention.

    Reminds of the Stockholm syndrome. The captives after a while begin to idolize their kidnappers. “I’m going to restrict what you can say and do, but trust me, this will be good for you!” Yeah!
    Pit-bull with lipstick!
    (And the crowd goes wild!)

  4. Posted by flyingtomato on September 6, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    David B.–I don’t believe having a career and having children must be mutually exclusive. I think “having it all” must be tempered with a wise calculation about what “all” is. If having it all means getting, then neglecting, what you’ve “gotten,” then what good is “having it all”?

    Some choices may forestall, or even negate, other choices. But having a career does not mean neglecting one’s children. Doing both requires a lot of dedication and work, and many, many women do it–even single mothers.

    The above discussion goes for men, too. My ex-husband has a career as well, and is a wonderful father to our son.

    Christianliberal–The librarian wasn’t fired–the public rallied around her, and Palin revoked the decision. But yes, the assumption that she knows what’s best for everyone else is scary, and is a common smear leveled at “liberal elitists.” (I’ve already been labeled a “superior liberal” for my comments.)

    But in the end, the so-called “liberal elitists” are not known for trying to take other people’s rights away (except, perhaps, in the case of gun control, and I’m not a proponent of this myself). They’re known for encouraging a more open and tolerant society, except perhaps in the case of ignorance.

    And that seems to be the one thing Republicans have no desire to restrict because it has been such an enormous benefit to them.

  5. Posted by Claire on September 6, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Eh, as judgmental as this comment is, I think a woman who has 5 kids is already pretty busy if she’s doing the job right. Frankly, the fact that she dragged a special needs infant out in front of the public at something as loud as the RNC was a bit much for me. You add in that she IMMEDIATELY returned to work (I’ve heard one day and three days) after having her youngest and that her 17 year old is currently pregnant, to me this smacks of a lack of mothering. When combined with the librarian thing, it seems to me that Sarah Palin really only considers Sarah Palin. I think she might be one of the most self-centered women I’ve ever heard of who has five children. Of course, her nomination and the evangelical joy over it all, even after all that has be said about the back to work/prego daughter stuff, has made me realize that the religious right is even more hypocritical than I had assumed.

    I hope she has a nanny and a housekeeper or something equivalent to try and point to because I just don’t see how she can justify the “country first” message when she has a young family that should come first. Hell, Todd is a successful business man and rides a snowmobile better for 2,000 miles than anyone else, which I interpret as “Todd is too busy for the family” as well.

    I’m also rather amused that some media folks have started questioning where McCain’s younger adopted children are. I’m guessing at home with a sitter/nanny instead of being bored to tears at dad’s job?? Then again, the McCains have so much money they probably have a nanny and don’t even know which house the kids are at.

    Anyways, I do agree with one thing. She gets the moose. I’m am damn impressed by any gal who can handle a moose. That’s second only to alligator wrestling.

  6. Posted by Matt on September 8, 2008 at 11:17 am

    I’ve always wondered what your folks look like. Now I know where you get your “pondering stance”. 😉

  7. Posted by flyingtomato on September 8, 2008 at 11:43 am

    I’ll have to post an image of my mom, so you’ll know where I get my “I’m not gonna take this sh*t” stance!


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