Further Progress

Yesterday, when I posted on the list of tasks still ahead for the raised bed expansion project, I forgot an important one: digging out the strawberries.

Bucket o' Berries

Bucket o' Berries

When we moved into this house in August of 2003, there were three strawberry plants along the otherwise barren south side of the house.  Two survived that first winter.  Five years later (and a few incidents of me ripping out the invading runners from all parts of the herb garden), I dug out and transplanted close to fifty strawberry plants into the country gardens.

I don’t know the variety, but they are an everbearing type, and their fruit is medium-sized and sweet.  However, the plants’ desire to take over the entire herb bed will not be fulfilled–I have other plans.  They’ve now got two whole rows in the northeast garden, and they’ve got three more rows to expand into after that.

Deconstructing the Edge

Deconstructing the Edge

This afternoon, after having transplanted the strawberries, grabbed a couple of tools and another load of blocks, I started taking down the retaining wall of the old bed and digging the edge back to lay the landscape fabric.  I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped (class work and a farmers market board meeting), but I’m hoping the have the bulk of the project finished by the end of the weekend.


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