Busy Bees, Busy Me

I have been a bit overloaded lately: almost fifty essays to critique this week, the raised bed project-in-progress, veggie deliveries, and getting ready to deliver Harry to the airport this weekend.

We lost our internet last night, too–tried to re-set the security and it all came crashing down.  As you can imagine, I was more than a little panicky with all those essays waiting.  But after hopping up at 6:30am, I ended up taking a brief nap to relieve a little of the exhaustion.  I fervently wish I could throw my kayak in my truck and head to the river on this lovely, sunny afternoon, but that r&r will have to wait.

Bee on Allium

Bee on Allium

The bees have been busy too–storing up nectar for the winter months ahead.  The overabundance of ornamental allium in the north garden has been visited by an abundance of all kinds of bees for the past two weeks.  I can’t leave the house doors open or they come cruising inside, and I have to catch them (with a glass jar and a piece of cardboard) and put them back out.

I’ve wanted to move some of that allium to a different spot, but unless it’s raining, I fear I’ll be stung if I try to dig it out now.  I started with two small clumps a couple of years ago and forgot to deadhead one fall; now I have masses of the stuff.

So with all this work piling up, I’ll be posting a bit less in the next week.  I’ll get my CSA newsletter up this afternoon (once I write it), and probably take a hiatus for a couple days.


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